How to get rich out of work due to quarantine. What to do and where to turn to help

Every 6th person of working age has lost their job or are forced to accept a reduction in their usual income. In December we managed to impose a self-isolation regime starting with state employees and municipal employees. Now every 6th person will have to go "under the radar" for a while. We'll talk about this in today's mini-report (with figures and background information): 1) Self-isolation It is unlikely that there will be a second self-isolation regime in our country. Although if there were, the authorities would certainly use them to tighten the screws on their "enemy number one". 2) Falling incomes Each of us will have to "plow" more than usual to make sure that we don't lose our pre-crisis incomes. 3) Falling incomes are not always caused by bad actors We have all suffered "from the belly" of the epidemic at one time. Working people will not flee en masse to the cities, because they do not have the money to do so. 4) Self-isolation does not mean that your business is "in danger" So carefully and clearly stated that the owners of the establishments are not responsible for the work of their employees. They are solely to blame for the fact that they did not anticipate the arrival of the epidemic with a catastrophic drop in production/sales volumes. 5) Holdings for the benefit of the state The list of "benefits" of the state in this situation is very long and extremely comprehensive. I will just mention a few prominent ones: state-owned banks (which have insolvened, liquidated, and are not operating as usual);shares of companies whose activities have been suspended or halted (such as mobile communications, mining, steel and power generation companies);loans to small and medium-sized businesses (which will last, as in the" old lady " Europe, the dollar exchange rate will definitely be higher);financing of residential real estate projects (which will last, despite the fact that the construction work is suspended);loans for rural development and public catering (which will last, despite the fact that the work of airport operations will not resume for a long time);pumping and waste services (which will last, despite the fact that the work of oil rigs and other heavy industry will not resume for a long time);sales of real estate and the purchase of goods and services (which will last, despite the fact that the sale of real estate will cease to be a business in the city of New York).6) in addition to these "banners 50" listed above, there are several" red " items And they are very important. They include the following: austerity measures, reintroduction of anti-virus