Three reasons why the dollar (Euro and American currency) will continue to be high (and people will lose their jobs)

Now is the perfect time to buy dollars in large quantities, because the situation with the coronavirus outbreak has become even more serious — and the costs for medicine and food will be higher than usual. Americans are used to having their well-earned money, and so far they have no qualms about "paying" doctors and other officialsfor removing the "crown of luxury".But the coronavirus has brought the entire world "to its knees" with a vengeance, and the costs for medicine and food will be astronomical. Today, many of us have lost our jobs and incomes. We will leave the behavior of "all the losers" on the Internet and in social networks.In this article, we will talk about three reasons why the dollar (and the Euro and American currency) will continue to be high:1) Negative factors are inevitable and they will lead to the rise of a new "bottom".This "bottom" will be the source of all new problems and trouble. Global financial crises are an inevitable part of the economic life of any country. But in its current state, the emergence of such a "bottom" will be especially painful.Because it is from this very bottom that you can not escape from — not by breaking through the "edge" of the crisis and gaining altitude through the stratosphere, but by breaking down the last vestiges of the built "wall" that tightly "locked" the global economy in a prolonged recession.2) the bottom line is in the eyes The eyes of a person who lost his job or lost his business is a reflection of his true feelings about the performance of the state and the size of his income. And the eyes of a person who has accumulated a "financial cushion" are also a reflection of his feelings.In the eyes of a person who lost his job, this means that the coronavirus has brought down the entire global economy. Which means that your personal finances will take a major hit (and that the state will not be able to provide all necessary subsidies at the moment).It also means that you need to urgently look for a new job (and various other things that affect the economy and the level of income of the population).3) in the coming months, there will be no layoffsTens of millions of people will lose their jobs in a couple of months.And millions more will lose their jobs in the coming months.Because the global financial crisis has effectively "overwhelmingly" taken on a life of its own.And the longer the crisis lasts, the more severe it will get — and the stronger the economy of any country will be. It is on this scale that new sanctions are being introduced against the economy of Russia and the threat of new ones imposed sanctions.4) low price tags And high margins